All About the PCP

For pre-K graduation, each child was charged with a family project to create an All About Me poster to help decorate the gym on the big day.  We had the best time collecting items for the PCP’s poster over the last few months and he was ever so proud to deliver it to his teacher (that we will miss so very much) yesterday!

His selections include a baseball, crayon representing his favorite color blue, letter J made out of legos, Bakugan card, Scooby Doo DVD, Jump Start computer game, a fish that looks like Ward the Fish, hot wheels car, starfish for the beach, Buzz, the number 5 spelled out in nickels to show his age and love of money and, finally, a collection of superhero items.  All were hot glued to a sturdy piece of foam board.  We chose red so that it will look nice when hung in his bedroom after graduation!

And, speaking of graduation, John recently recounted all of the “rules”: no screaming, no looking at your shoes and no playing with your body (LOL.)  All you can do is scratch yourself (reeeealy?) and look at your teacher or your parents.  bwahahahaha.  I can’t wait!

As soon as I get my brood fed I’m headed to meet fun friend M for coffee.  Then it’s nothing but family time, Honey’s birthday celebrations and a ball game or two for the rest of the weekend!  Fingers crossed for no rain…

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  1. Aww, love Js poster. Happy Birthday to W from us also!!! Have a great weekend. We are enjoying a beautiful day at the lake:)

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