Men In Tight Pants

I am going to be quite crass for a moment and say that I knew Honey by his arse long before I knew him by his handsome face.  You see, playing catcher for Georgia Tech, his face was nearly always covered by such a substantial mask that I had no idea what drool-worthy features were hiding beneath.  I have no earthly idea why I’m revealing this to the blogosphere, when I simply intended to tell of our annual family outing to good old Russ Chandler stadium for a college ball game… so back to the task at hand…

After our supper at The Varsity we scooted over to Tech to catch their last regular season game of the year.

Much to my dismay and utter anxiety, John now makes it his mission at any and all games where he is in the stands to procure a game ball by any means possible.  Which means I usually end up sitting helpless and exposed in the danger zone of waaaaay too many foul balls.  This, while ninety-nine percent of my friends spent their night at ballet recital dress rehearsals, is how I spend my time :-) 

Honey parked our brood right on the front row of the third base foul line, and with gloves in hand, the littles and Honey alike made a valiant effort to secure said ball.  As luck would have it, a kind player deposited one right in the PCP’s glove AND gave a high five to boot.  You’d have thought he’d died and gone to heaven.


Totally and completely put out that brother got a ball, Cookie exerted all of his two year old tantrum-esque will power to try and attract the attention of another player with a second ball.  And, after having to hop the fence the first time to retrieve Cookie’s glove and then a second time to retrieve Cookie himself, Honey smartly moved us up a few rows before the powers that be smartly gave us the boot all together.  A kind fan had a spare ball in their bag (which I will TOTALLY do next time) and sweetly gave it to the baby.  Likely in order to restore some peace to our section of the stadium, but a generous deed nonetheless.


While the Jackets unexpectedly fell to ETSU, it didn’t put the slightest of a damper on our family fun (well, maybe a teensy tiny damper on Honey’s family fun.)  And I wouldn’t trade all the peanuts and Cracker Jacks in the world for a hair net and tutu (promise, I wouldn’t!)


See you next year, men in tight pants.


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  1. Hi there! I just wanted to come over and see who the gal was who left such a sweet commment on our blog about my daughter's room! And I have to tell you that I have been spending a shameful amount of time going through your posts when I should be getting ready for church. LOL! You have such a lovely blog and your decorating style is just divine. You write with humor and warmth and I look forward to getting to "know" you better here in blogland! :-)
    Thanks again for coming by the Fence and please stop by again sometime!

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