World’s Largest Drive-In

Opened in 1928 and known as the world’s largest drive-in, The Varsity is nothing short of an Atlanta institution.  You simply cannot call yourself a true Atlantan, much less a true Southerner until you’ve savored the dogs, rings, strings and F.O. of the famed North Avenue establishment.

Just across the street from Georgia Tech, our old college stomping ground, Honey and I both have fond V memories that we love to rehash over and again for the littles that just couldn’t give a darned.  A whole gaggle of my sorority sisters used to pile up in P’s old pick-up truck and hit the car hop line for greasy late night meals and loads of girly gossip.  And at Honey’s fraternity, Monday nights were Varsity nights.  They dutifully sent their pledges to the V, laden with a brotherhood full of orders, to procure Monday Night Football watching eats for the house.  It was expected that the pledges “borrow” a large bottle of ketchup and distribute the food wearing the famed Varsity hats.  After college and before littles, Sister and I used to take one nostalgic lunch a year at the drive-in, and Honey and I would join thirty-thousand of our closest friends for a Southern fried game day meal.  We’re such fans, in fact, that for Honey’s thirtieth birthday bash I had the catering truck dish up their delish eats right in our front yard! 

Honey serving rings on this 30th birthday

These days, once a year and usually around the holidays, our extended family makes the pilgrimage downtown to relish in a meal that can be described as nothing short of heaven-fried goodness.  The minute you walk through the front door you’re greeted with a crowd of noise and a chorus of “What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have?”  We pick a line and wait our turn to belly up to the counter where we order like old pros.  Y’all see, it’s much more authentic to order using the insider lingo than off the menu board.  The littles favor “naked dogs” (plain in a bun), the men generally go for the “heavy weight” (dog with extra chili), and I am partial to the “slaw dog” (dog with coleslaw.)  We divvy up sides of rings (onion rings) and strings (french fries) and wash it all down with Coca-Colas and F.O.s (frozen orange drink).  Deeeeelish!

Last year’s holiday pilgrimage

Last week we made our second traditional annual trip down to The Varsity for supper before catching a Tech baseball game.

Bustling with activity and like no other place on Earth, the littles have already come to love this special treat and welcome tradition as much as their parents.

We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend with an ice cream social at the pool last night.  And that’s exactly where we’re headed in a few short hours…


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  1. Oh, I love the Varsity!! You haven't been to Atlanta until you have had a chili dog and some rings. Yum. But, you better be ready to order when you get to the counter and are asked "whatalyahave whatalyahave", or you just may be sent to the back of the line. hehe

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