Ripe For The Picking

Along with sorority big sis H and her three littles, we headed back down to Southern Belle Farm for a fun filled day convening with nature.  Having completely od’d on strawberries, this time we brought home two gallons of gorgeously plump, super sweet thornless blackberries ripe for the picking!

As is standard operating procedure when at the farm, we also picnic’d, gobbled up homemade strawberry ice cream and visited with hoards of animals.

And our day trip was forever memorialized when we just so happened to run into a local news crew filming a segment on the farm.  They were extremely impressed with Cookie’s undeniable proficiency at eating blackberries and he made his television debut (after his initial print campaign) that very night.

All was well with the world until they asked me, in all of my sweaty, unshowered glory, to say a few words about the farm.  Fully expecting to have berries and goat hair smattered about my being after this excursion, I had on only the most heinous ensemble in my closet.  And my hair in a bun.  Aye-yae-yae.

We’ve been baking, drinking, eating and concocting with our loot all week.  Can’t wait to share the details!

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