Worth Seeing

A few years back and on the reco of bestie S, I spent a long summer day lost in the pages of Water for Elephants.  Set in Depression-era America, the novel tells the tale of a young, forlorn vet that joins a travelling circus and impossibly falls in love with the boss’s wife turned star performer.  It’s a skillfully told story – mastering romance, suspense and historically compelling facts about the time.  A worthy summer read on all accounts.

Knowing good and well that movies rarely fully translate to the big screen, I’ve still been giddy to see the movie for what seems like ages now.  So I was beyond excited to hit the theater with a group of gals from my new neighborhood and FINALLY catch the flick.  The movie was a fine adaptation.  Not the “greatest show on earth”, but certainly a show worth seeing.  Overall, I immensely enjoyed myself – I mean, what’s not to love about a night out with the girls?!?! And Reese and R Patz are awfully easy on the eyes, no?

Now I’m anxiously awaiting my name to come up on The Help waiting list at the library.  I’ve got to squeeze that one in before it hits the big screen later this summer!


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One thought on “Worth Seeing

  1. I still have to see Water for Elephants – loved that book! The Help is an incredible story too. I read it when it came out and now my book club is reading it for July. I might read it again so everything will be fresh in my mind so I can discuss it. I will definitely see the movie. Nate Berkus had some of the cast on recently.

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