Friends and Food

If you’ve been reading this little blog for a day or two, you likely know a few things about me.  One of which is surely that I loooove to eat.  Well, I loooove to eat good food, that is.  One of my family’s favorite Savannah haunts is Kasey’s Gourmet Grille – a delightful and delicious little bistro in the Midtown area.  Now, if the charming atmosphere and outstanding eats weren’t enough to keep us going back time and again, the little fact that I grew up with the one and only Kasey of Kasey’s Gourmet Grille certainly would.  This blonde haired beaut was the one I used to loll around with dissecting Gone With the Wind with in middle school, cheer with in high school and now she has a restaurant, run by her talented mister and daddy, named after her!  Can you tell that I’m only ever so slightly salivating at the thought of seeing my name in lights on the facade of a Savannah building???

All that being said, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with three gals I grew up with for a delightful evening of great food (divine scallops to be exact), lifelong friends and ohhh…a little wine.  And when I say “grew up with” I’m not at all exaggerating.  B and L are my two oldest friends – I have thirty years worth of memories with them.  And I recall taking one look at Kasey on the first day of middle school and determining that one way or another we would be friends (or swirly sisters as we later became).  With husbands and littles and all the extraneous things that come with being a grown up, I truly treasure nights like this where we can simply sit back and catch up.

“Good friends are like stars… You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.” – Unknown

Until next time gals…

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