Oatland Island

While Mother, Daddy-O, Cookie and I lolled our days away at the beach, dock or Savannah must-shops, the PCP spent some of his days at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center camp.  Housing all sorts of critters that couldn’t be returned to the wild for one reason or another, Oatland is home to everything from wolves to bison and alligators to bats.  Through hands-on activities, creative crafts and wildlife investigations, campers explored a different habitat and it’s residents each day.   One thing is for sure, the PCP immensely enjoyed his week at camp!

And would you believe that Sister and I spent a memorable week at this very same camp for countless summers as kids.  They still make the very same name tags from a cross section of wood on their first day of camp.  I never dreamed I’d be back with my own littles twenty-some-odd years later.

While we’re on the topic of Oatland, the gorgeous main building – now classrooms and event space – is renowned as one of the most haunted places in Georgia.  The edifice was built in the 1920’s and served as a retirement home for railroad men until the 1940’s.  During World War II the site was used as a specialized service hospital for sick and injured until it was sold to the U.S. Public Health Service and turned into a research hospital for the study of various diseases.  The property was ultimately purchased by the school system and turned into a wildlife center.  With it’s strange and varied history and the undeniable fact that many souls spent their last days in these four grand walls, it’s easy to believe that, here, the afterlife is as ubiquitous as the wildlife.

Just a little slice of Savannah’s rich history.  I can never learn enough about that sweet Southern city.

And now I’m back home and and have a little shin-dig for the fourth to pull together lickety split.

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