Road Tripping

I travel with the littles a lot… as in once a month I load them up, along with an assorted and extensive trunk load of toys, bikes, balls and other can’t-possibly-live-without paraphernalia, to make the four hour drive down to Savannah for a week.  All is good and well once we arrive (and that trunk load of gear rarely gets touched when you have the beach, dock, fishing, crabbing and all of Mimi and Ampa’s toys to play with) but the drive down is often hair-raising.  Chocked full of how much longers, that’s my [insert book, zhu zhu, pokemon, bakugan, etc.] and he [insert touched, pinched, kicked, looked at, etc.] me’s.  
So as we embark on our semi-annual family vacation down to Rosemary Beach FL – a trip with a SIX hour travel time – I’ve wisened up and packed road-trip baskets for the littles.  The baskets are from the dollar bin at Target and fit perfectly between the carseats.  Inside is an assorted lot of items we own but haven’t played with in a while, a few new things and some snacks.

John’s basket has books, a work book, coloring book, one new movie plus a couple oldie-but-goodies, snacks, his leapster with games, magnetic drawing board, sunglasses and a zhu zhu.

Cookie’s basket has books, a work book, coloring book, a few old movies, snacks, his leap frog letter game, magnetic drawing board, alphabet cards, sunglasses and a zhu zhu.

I mean, it can only help the road tripping situation, right?!
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4 thoughts on “Road Tripping

  1. This is a great idea. I used to do a similar thing when my kiddos were little. I had a container of goodies (from games to snacks) that they could purchase with points earned for "good behavior" and "car companionability" like not fighting with your brother or sister. It worked great and roadtrips were much more pleasant.

  2. i am packing our "same" bag for our disney trip. color wonder markers are great, snacks they dont normally get, a new movie to watch, we have stickers we have been collecting for the past few weeks that kind of thing. we just got back from destin… the drive can be long so good luck.

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