Rosemary Beach

From the time Sister and her Mister first discovered Rosemary Beach, a tucked away Gulf Coast gem, it’s been our family vacation destination.  This little slice of Heaven is where we relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company for two glorious weeks a year.  It’s the kind of place where you park the car on arrival and go by bike or foot for the rest of the week.  Enjoying a handful of divine pools, what seems like miles of pure white sandy beaches and an ocean of clear blue, this is a place we intend to come many, many more times.  Our littles have all learned to say “Rosemary Beach” before they even thought about saying “Altanta” – afterall, they’ve each been coming here from the time they were born.

Favorites from past trips…

And a new one for the collection:

And since we traded in our second week at Rosemary for Disney this year, we sure were thankful that Sister and her Mister let us tag along on their week!!  With that, I’m officially kicking off Rosemary Beach 2011.

PS. Those road-tripping baskets went over pretty well.  Honey and I still suffered through a few miles of Cookie’s screaming for no apparent reason at times but, after all, he is just two :-)  Childhood friend B let’s her kids help pack their own and I think that’s a fantastic idea!!

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3 thoughts on “Rosemary Beach

  1. Great photos! My family and I are at the beach right now too! Getting ready to take the mandatory white shirts and khakis on the beah photo! Rosemary beach sounds fabulous…..any suggestions for great places to stay? Thanks :-)

  2. Jennifer – we always rent a house through We like to stay near the cabana pool because it's super kid friendly! When the littles are older we'll move to the beach side :-)

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