Savannah Adventures

Y’all, I am SO behind on this blog I barely know where I am and what I’m doing!   We’ve spent a total of about seven days at home this entire month between Rosemary Beach, Pensacola and two trips to Savannah.  We just arrived back from that second week down South and I’m bound and determined to catch up.  While there, we did what we do best when living behind the marsh curtain…

Spent time at the dock, under the dock and fishing at the dock.

Shopped like our lives depended it.  The deals of the week were a chic four-dollar melamine tray, a super-on-sale twenty dollar panini maker (finally, after months and months of envying bestie N’s delectable creations), and a beaucoup of ribbon and paper embellishments marked down to a dollar a piece (clearly I exhibited no restraint in loading up the buggy with these gems…and I assure you that Mother was NO help at all in the matter.)
Refueled on pralines at River Street Sweets.  There is no better confection on earth.  I swear.  Not even my beloved Krispy Kremes.
Ran through the sprinkler.  Again.  And again.  And then one thousand more times.  (All while mosquitoes were eating me alive.)
Consumed (purportedly more than) our fair share of cocktails.  The refreshment of the week seemed to be Limoncello, Perrier and fresh mint with a strawberry garnish.  Light, summery and the perfect way to end an hour of semi-successfully attempting to peacefully put a bullish two-year old to bed.
Laid on the beach for hours on end with Mother while Daddy-O let the baby throw sand on him, splash him, give him something resembling an exfoliating treatment and climb on him like a jungle gym.  (Did I mention the PCP was in camp each day?!?!)
Indulged in fish tacos, margaritas and a couple of hours worth of relaxing on the front porch at Tybee Social.  
Watched dolphin frolic in the water off the dock at low tide.  (look closely to see their fins)
Snapped some pics under the pier at Tybee.
After a quick weekend getaway to the mountains, I’ll be back and throwing it into high gear to get ready for SCHOOL!
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2 thoughts on “Savannah Adventures

  1. Just to share with you folks, i have a new post today on Amish Stories from the Terre Hill days even that was just held in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was a very hot day but i was able to get i think a few good images from this event. The town is populated with a mix of Amish and old order Mennonites which only adds to its charm. They even have what has become famous in Terre Hill their "outhouse race". The town sits on a hill so it overlooks Lancaster farmland in almost all directions. This is one of my favorite towns to visit because its free from commercialism, so if you are looking for a really all American kind of town with the added bonus of seeing its Amish and Mennonite residents at work and play, then this town is for you. Thanks folks. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. Great pictures! You guys really have been all over the place! School doesn't start here until after Labor Day but I am already checking out the clothes and starting to order backpacks. This summer is blowing by! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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