When in Rosemary, we always take a little half-day jaunt over to the picturesque town of Seaside.  The men gobble up dozens and dozens of oysters while the ladies and babies pop in and out of a load of divine little shoppes.

I literally get giddy as soon as we pass the Seaside sign in anticipation of what lies in our most beloved must-shop – Pizitz Home & Cottage.  We have yet to leave here empty handed.  And while I find myself drooling over the extensive collection of Bonnie Fuchs art each and every time we go (good things come to those who wait, right?!), this visit it was driftwood bundles and glass fishing floats that made their way into my bag.  
Our favorite eatery is Great Southern.  While our party is divided between the Grits a Ya Ya (smoked gouda grits, bacon, spinach, shallots, shrimp) and the Grilled Gulf Shrimp (with gouda grits, divine hushpuppies and excellent coleslaw) we are all in agreement that there’s no place better than the sprawling front porch for a Seaside meal.

After supper, we generally pop in a few more shops before letting the littles run far and wide in the grassy green.

Another gorgeous beach day is dawning…

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3 thoughts on “Seaside

  1. this is just toooo funny. A comment on my blog directed me to yours for some inspiration for my living room…. I'm down in Seagrove now for 3 weeks and just about everything you listed in this post are my fans, too! I love grits a yay a (but with chicken) and just bought those glass globes, but we've been finding awesome pieces of driftwood on the beach so I passed on those…
    We go to seaside everyday and always to gigs in rosemary, because that is my youngest children's fav store ever! I admit, I love it, too.
    Here's a great tip for the next time you head down here. Near the corner of 393 and 98 (blue mountain/gulf place)- if you're coming from rosemary or seaside its before the intersection. There on the left is a small group of colorful buildings and if you turn there, you'll see walton caring and sharing thrift store. holy cow- it is AMAZING. They do wonderful work here for Walton county residents and they have fabulous stuff to redo!!!! I bought a super cool vintage typewriter in a beat up old leather case for $5 this morning along with a few other small things…. love it!!!! the restore on 331 just before you get to 98 is also a great one!! they aren't overpriced like a lot of habitat stores are.
    anyway- glad you had fun!! This is my favorite place on earth (besides St. Bart) and I love that other people love it here, too.
    ~ Pia

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