Half way into our beach trip, here’s our idea of vacationing nirvana…

Frolicking at the beach in the height of the sun and by the light of the moon.

Swimming, lounging, playing horse, having tea parties and riding rafts at the pool.

Visiting the Sugar Shak every. single. day. for sweets, treats and ice cream snacks!

Parking the car on arrival and walking the rest of the week.

Taking countless bike and scooter rides.  (My Sister’s Mister is quite impressive pulling that load of littles behind him.  He must have had the whole beach in stitches with his weaving and wheel-popping.)

Rain or shine, playing and playing and playing some more in the parks, green spaces and boardwalks.

Running, belly laughing and haviing a rollicking good time at the spraying sidewalk.
And then running some more (we have to get the energy out some how), as fast and as far as we can in the great green grassy bowl at Alys Beach.
A far cry from the days of sipping on a fruity cocktail with Honey in some exotic location.  But so much better on so many different levels. Off to the beach…
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