BIG Bubbles

Last weekend while Honey was out golfing, we braved the dreadfully humid day to relish in some BIG bubble fun!  We toted our BIG bucket (used for everything from transporting gear to icing beer) out to the yard and mixed up a bubble solution to use with the wands I picked up in the dollar bin a few weeks back.

Here’s how:
1 part liquid dish soap (I used Palmolive only because it’s what I had on hand.)
1/4 part light corn syrup
8 parts water

We mixed up the above recipe with 1 cup of the dish soap (and the resulting 1/4 c corn syrup and 8 c water) and it was plenty for an entire weekend worth of bubble fun.  The mix, costing just pennies to make, SURE beats the pricey stuff at the store that tends to stain our clothes before it inevitably gets dumped out on the ground.

Oh, and yes, we did all of this half dressed in our jammies.  All of us.  Thank goodness Honey didn’t play the nine behind our house that morning…

Thrilled to have been featured at Sunday Showcase!!

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6 thoughts on “BIG Bubbles

  1. Ok don't think I'm crazy but I was so glad to see the picture of Whit in a diaper (and our fav Target brand to boot!) because my little is the same age (almost three) and still wearing diapers. I was starting to feel like the last mom in the world of an almost three year old boy who hadn't tackled the potty training thing. Who am I kidding we aren't even close.

    *If Whit IS potty trained and just wearing that diaper because he just woke up or something please don't burst my bubble and tell me….LOL!

    Thanks for sharing the bubble recipe too :-)

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