Celebrating John

Yesterday we celebrated John.  I just feel this extreme and hard to explain fervor to make a few lingering last-summer-before-school starts memories.  I know that there will be weekends, breaks, holidays and summers but when he starts school later this month it will be the first time he’s be away from me for more than a day or two.  And while I also know that he is more than ready to embark on this new experience, I am just a hot mess!  

So Sister and I headed off with the PCP to White Water for some marvelous fun in the sun.  We arrived as they were opening and spent six hours enjoying countless slides, sharing a float in the lazy river and splashing in the wave pool.  We were all smiles all day long…even when Sister and I showed up in the very same, very distinctive swim suit (I can’t tell you how many people asked if we were twins), during a pretty hysterical and slightly mortifying lifeguard rescue, AND when on two separate occasions the “fourth” rider in our raft was a very large, very hairy, very long toe-nailed random man.  
On the way home, and after a quick nap in the car, we stopped at the PCP’s favorite sweet treat joint – Pinkberry.  The boy has good taste, no?  And we wrapped up a very long, extremely enjoyable, highly memorable and completely water logged day with the whole family at pool side happy hour.  
I wish all days could be like that :-)
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One thought on “Celebrating John

  1. That movie was SO funny!! Oh my goodness those twins are so adorable! I went with my friends on Friday night and we laughed through the entire movie.
    Angie (www.brockandava.blogspot.com)

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