The Help

Last night, along with Reese’s doppleganger A, I had the extreme pleasure of attending “Southern Girl’s Night Out” with a special showing of The Help.

A pre-show event boasted cocktails, swag bags from Whole Foods, yogurt from Yoforia, cupcakes from Hal’s Kitchen, mommy mini makeovers and loads of other vendors and shopping booths.  But the highlight of the evening was absolutely The Help.  There were gasps, tears and chuckles throughout the flick, and the casting could not have been better.

I devoured the book earlier this summer but was left feeling like there were too many loose ends at the conclusion.  And while the movie stayed extraordinarily true to the story line (with a few omissions, of course) somehow the ending just really worked on the big screen.

Add this to your must-see list, gals.  It instantly goes down in history on my short list of timeless so-Southern flicks…after Gone With the Wind and The Secret Life of Bees, right between Steel Magnolias and Sweet Home Alabama.

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2 thoughts on “The Help

  1. I can't wait to see this movie. I could not put the book down. Started it on a Saturday night and finished Sunday after church. BTW – I am one of your newest followers. Your post are always a delight to read.

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