Kindergarten Countdown is ON!

We’re back home from our last trip of the summer before school starts and, between outings in Savannah and Atlanta, the Kindergarten Countdown is ON!!!

W: have fun in the water
Have fun in the water at the local spray ground we sure did!  And when we were sufficiently water-logged, we headed to the playground, had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks and then went back for MORE fun in the water!!

R: ride bikes
We didn’t go far for this.  Just out to the driveway for some good clean bike ridin’ fun!

V: tend to our vegetable garden
On our way out of town to Savannah, we popped into our plot at the community garden to eat sweet cherry tomatoes straight from the vine (no better way than that), spread some organic fertilizer, clip some cuces, peppers and herbs and douse our plants with a hearty helping of H2O.

E: explore the creek marsh
We’d planned to explore the creek behind Juju’s house but instead made an afternoon of marsh bogging behind Mimi’s place!  These pics were pretty early into the jaunt.  By the time the littles were done they were covered from head to toe in pluff mudd.

A: fly paper airplanes
With a luxurious breeze coming off the marsh, we couldn’t have picked a more perfect evening to fly paper airplanes.  We folded, refolded and shared techniques while taking turns flying our masterpieces all over the yard.
B: pick up shells at the beach
We spent quite a bit of time at Tybee… relaxing, swimming, splashing, dining, and, of course, picking up shells at the beach.  After picking up shells, the PCP had a fantastic time using them to write his name and draw pictures in the sand!
F: go fishing
One of our favorite past times while in Savannah, this one was easy peasy to cross off our list!
N: go on a nature walk
We frequently go on nature walks at home.  Just looking for interesting plants, animals, rocks or anything else that strikes our fancy.  The PCP was enthralled by a whole flock of turkey vultures (ew…still not sure what they were doing there).  Cookie was enamored by the more amicable and average seagulls and herons. 
Hope all y’all counting down with us are having a ball!
These summer activity ideas are partying at Sun Scholars.
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