Kindergarten Eve

Well, it’s Kindergarten Eve around these parts.  All at the request of the PCP on his last day of summer vacation, we had cinnamon toast for breakfast, went to the pool, harvested a load of veggies from our garden, played games and made pies in a jar (a tragic fail but the last thing on the Kindergarten Countdown.)

We took the little PCP up to the school this morning to snap a few quick pics since I’m sure tomorrow will either be too crazy,or I’ll be blinded by my own tears (quite likely both.)

And now I’ve packed the backpack, made tomorrow’s lunch and snack, laid out clothes, bathed, brushed teeth, read with John and put the littles in bed.

Everything is ready for tomorrow…except me :-)

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4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Eve

  1. How sweet. What a great idea taking pics before the first day of school. I am a teacher going on my 7th year and am teaching K this year!!! Hope your lil one has the best year!

  2. Awww…he looks so sweet, and ready to learn. I sure miss this age – when they love having their picture taken, will let you pick out clothes and will admit they love school. Can you tell I have a teenager? Hope the first day was not to hard on your make up! : )

  3. My son is not old enough yet for school, but I know I will feel the same way you do in a few years. Good idea to go the day before!

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