Disney Bag Tags

On my printing and laminating spree, I also churned out nearly a dozen bag tags.

For each of the littles bags.  Names on front, contact info on back.

For the family’s bags, strollers and other paraphanalia.  Name on front, cell phone on back.  Hopefully the colorful ribbon will help us spot our stuff.

Like our other Disney wares, I printed these in the Brady Bunch and Waltograph fonts, laminated them at Lakeshore, punched holes in the corner and threaded colorful and coordinating ribbons that I already had in my ribbon coffer.  Grand total was under a dollar for the whole lot.  Well, unless you count the “chick el a” breakfast the baby begged me for on the way to Lakeshore (that place totally makes me wish I were a teacher, by the way.)

We hit the road tomorrow.  I’m so excited I doubt I’ll sleep a wink!

Flattered for the feature on Crafting in the Rain!

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6 thoughts on “Disney Bag Tags

  1. As a former first grade teacher – all week I have been thinking – "she should have been a teacher!"

    Have a wonderful trip! Look forward to seeing your pictures.


  2. How fun! We bought the boys bag tags for their new luggage on their trip to Disney, too. They weren't too sure about handing them over to TSA on the way there, but were completely thrilled at 1am when we FINALLY got to our home airport and they saw their bags plop onto the luggage carousel. They chased them around the carousel shouting "It's my bag!!" Then one of the littles wisely cautioned me as I reached for the bag "Make sure it has my name on it, because we don't want to get someone else's bag."

    My children are also quite enamored with "Chick el a", too. That's EXACTLY how they pronounce it.

  3. Hey Dixie Delights! Must say i have become thoroughly addicted to your website in recent weeks. I'm 7 months pregnant with our 2nd…I became addicted to "A Baby Story" when I was pregnant with little man. I must say this is a much more constructive and guilt-free addiction!
    So, we're taking little man on a "Last Hurrah for the Only" trip to Disney this Sunday-Tuesday. Got the goody bucket, water bottle, etc…tried to make the bag tags yesterday…EPIC FAIL! I printed them out fine on regular paper, got them laminated at office max, but then when I tried to cut them to a bag-tag size, the laminating fell apart? Any tips? Not sure if I should try to print on an index card? Have a "magical" day! Tiny T

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