Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Today was the day I’ve been so looking forward to for seven months.  The day my littles (and Honey too) step off the monorail, walk through the grand gates at the Magic Kingdom and take in the sights and sounds of Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle gloriously ahead in the distance.  And it was everything I’d dreamed and more.  We had the best day!!!  EVER!!!!

Here’s how it went…

We woke up bright and early to take advantage of the morning’s extra magic hour.  The littles were thrilled with their “Message from Mickey” and loved their bag breakfast!  We were first in line for the monorail at twenty till eight!!

And we were one of the first through the gates!!!  Let the memories begin!!!

We scooted straight to Fantasyland where I was elated to find that things haven’t changed so much in the last thirty years.  I remember my first trip to Disney and really, much is still the same.  So sweet and so nostalgic.  The PCP loved asking me which ones were my favorite when I was little, which ones his “aunchie” was scared of, which ones I went on with Ampa and which ones Mimi liked.  Our first stop was my family’s favorite as a child… Peter Pan!!!  And with that one ride, the littles were hooked.  As engulfed in the magic as I was at that age.

Afterwards, we hit up the whole block…It’s a Small World, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Pooh, Snow White, Dumbo, Tea Cups.  All just as sweet as ever.

Next we scooted over to Tomorrowland where we, once again, hit every attraction the place had to offer.  Cookie’s favorite was the Speed Way (on which ride he gave me all sorts of whip lash with his marginal steering skills.)

The PCP’s favorite was Space Mountain.  And the whole lot of us just loved the Space Ranger Spin AND meeting the “real” Buzz Lightyear and having him sign (stamp) our books!!!!

After the Astro Orbiter and Monsters Laugh Floor (hilarious), we took a long, cool, relaxing ride on the PeopleMover.  And the second we sat down I completely understood why my parents were such proponents of that respite.


Lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (which has been preserved in time for the last three decades) wrapped up Tomorrowland and had us off to Adventureland where we were thrilled to meet Peter Pan!

The Pirates of the Caribbean was hands down a family favorite (just as it was for my fam many moons ago) and everyone loved the silly Jungle Cruise (again, not much has changed there.)  The Tiki Room was probably the biggest bore of the day for my three boys, but I couldn’t find fault in any attraction that was dark and air conditioned.

At this point, we hit up Frontierland and Liberty Square for the Haunted Mansion (still so great), Thunder Mountain (the PCP loved) and the Country Bear Jamboree (good, but just can’t compare to new shows).  We used fast passes where we could, took advantage of the ride swap program (so the PCP got to do many things twice without waiting!) and nearly walked on to the majority of the rides!

Just as Honey and the PCP were stepping up to use their Splash Mountain fast pass, it started raining (and lightening) so we quickly made our way to what was hands down the highlight of the day…. for the whole lot of us… meeting MiCkEy and MiNnIe!!!

After our splendid encounter, we headed out just in time to catch the special “Rainy Day” afternoon parade!

After at pit stop at the Polynesian, we were off to Downtown Disney for supper and shopping.  The littles absolutely adored the T-Rex Cafe where, amid all sorts of life sized animatronic prehistoric creatures and meteor showers, we drank out of out of gigantic bone shaped glasses and dined on fare like the smoking “Chocolate Extinction” dessert.

Our last stop before turning in for the night was a visit to the Lego Store.  The littles (and Honey) ogled the gigantic lego sea dragon in the lagoon, poured though lego sets and played at the in-store lego tables.

The littles were both asleep in our arms approximately two minutes after boarding our bus :-)

And that, folks, was my attempt at forever documenting our family’s first ever, insanely magical day at the Magic Kingdom!!

3 thoughts on “Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom

  1. So many great ideas. I love how you mentioned every ride and in which order – this will give me a good guide for our trip. Keep the pictures and info coming! Love it.

  2. Hi Amanda
    I am thoroughly enjoying your Disney posts and reliving the trip we took in January with our family. {I'm the grandma, we took our 2 daughters and their families} We had the best time, and have decided to do a mini trip this year. I am going to shamelessly copy many of your cute ideas for my grands, I hope you don't mind!!

    You are creating such wonderful memories for your boys ~ you have a darling blog and an even more darling family!! Your blog will be such a treasury of memories for the future. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. I've been a reader for a while but just found some of your Disney posts pinned on Pinterest today! I am going to have to remember these! We have a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old so I won't be planning a trip for a year or so…but SUCH FUN! I can't wait!

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