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A catch all to catch up on the last couple of days…to say we’ve been busy would be an understatement.

GT vs. Kansas
Honey and I scooted downtown for the second home game of the season.  While I didn’t see one split second of the game, I had a fab time hanging with bestie N and Sister.

The Dentist
For some reason, the littles L.O.V.E. a trip to the dentist.  And given the way John’s new adult teeth are coming in, we have added “save for braces” to our to-do list.
The “Fun” Run
Two weeks worth of PTA brainwashing and fundraising wretchedness (did I just write that?) culminated in a Fun Run at the PCP’s school.  And while the events leading up the run were positively torturous (“Mommy, I need one more pledge.”  “Daddy, can you give me five more dollars a lap?” “Today I have to get a donation from another state.” etc. etc. etc.), the run itself was legitimately as fun as it was cracked up to be and the PCP had an all out blast making his way around the the track (at least) thirty-five times alongside friends new and old to booming music and cheering parents!
The Ironbirds
We’re three games into another great season and the PCP is really coming into his game.  Watching my baby play ball makes me so proud I could burst.
Honey and the baby have a sweet tradition of running the bases after each game.  That child cannot wait to don a uniform and hit the field.  Note: this outfit is post a diaper blow out, dripping down fun friend M’s leg disaster.  I am thanking my lucky stars that I can still call her a friend after that episode.
Chuck E. Cheese
The littles suckered me in again.  But, seeing as the Jiffy Lube was next door and an oil change was in order, it seemed like a better way to pass the time than we usually do.

Fruit Flies
All of a sudden I have them.  A lot of them.  And they are beyond irritating.  And gross.  Ew.  I set a trap of cider vinegar and dish soap and lo and behold if it didn’t catch the little buggers.  Just in case you were wondering.

The Baby
Take a peek at just how terribly grown up my baby is looking.  I swoon each and every day at that blonde hair.  And at those blue eyes.  How is it possible to love a little terror so wholly and completely?? :-)
Picnic Table
Remember this sweet picnic table (that I lovingly spent two days of my life painting white only two months ago)?
It only has three legs now.  You see, I offered to loan it to new friend A for her Labor Day fete.  Since it doesn’t fit in our cars, she was to come pick it up.  Two gals with a plan, we were.  Well, leave it to a guy to throw the plan out the window, load the table up in his Jeep and tear the leg off of it as he barrels out of the garage.  At least he’s handy…
Happy Saturday y’all.
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  1. Glad to hear of a remedy for the fruit flies. I have been having the same problem. Yuck!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    As always the boys are adorable!

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