Leg 2: The Villages

After leaving Savannah, the second leg of our trip was spending a fantastic few days visiting with Nana P down in The Villages, Florida!

We splashed in her pool, sometimes fully dressed…
We spent loads of time on her lanai grilling, sipping on wine, playing ball and catching lizards…
And the highlight of our excursion was seeing the limited engagement Lion King 3D movie!  John was absolutely enthralled by the show, Honey and I loved it just as much as we did the first time (however many moons ago that was), and as for the baby…well…the baby gobbled up two bags of popcorn, slurped down his drink plus half of Honey’s and managed to break the arms off his 3D glasses before the first preview. 
It sure was good to see Nana P.  Fingers crossed we didn’t drive her too batty (or leave her with a nasty stomach bug like we did last time we visited.)
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