The Lunch Box

Call me crazy, but these last three and a half weeks I’ve just adored putting together fun, yummy, lovingly packed lunches for the PCP to carry off to school.  Here’s what I’ve learned and done along the way…
  • I use a ton of supper left overs and I make the baby’s lunch at the same time that I make John’s.  There’s no sense in pulling out all that stuff twice!
  • I love decorating sandwiches, cheese, fruit and everything else with a food safe marker.
  • My trash-free lunch boxes of choice are the Pottery Barn Bento and
  • I wrote a post this summer with my thoughts on the bento style of lunch presentation and a week of ideas on what to put in it.
  • Almost every day I write a note on his napkin… something easy that he can read by himself :-)
  • John buys lunch at school on Fridays, pizza and ice cream day, and when they have field trips or boxed lunches for special events.  It saves me from the end of week lunch rut and gives him a little treat to look forward to!
Here are the highlights of our first three weeks of school, and perhaps a few thought starters to get you out of the lunch box rut…
Lunch: Whole wheat organic tortilla with lean ground beef, black beans and cheese; All natural salsa, banana half, homegrown cucumbers and organic tomatoes and a nutter butter (cause Mommy loves those)
Snack: All natural hummus and whole wheat pitas

Lunch: Organic whole wheat mini pita pockets filled with all natural ham, white cheddar cheese and organic romaine lettuce; Organic animal crackers, organic cherry tomatoes and a plum
Snack: frozen no sugar added applesauce (that thaws just enough by snack time!)

Lunch: All natural mushroom raviolis, organic romaine and tomato salad, fresh strawberies, organic french bread brushed with EVOO and garlic, another nutter butter hiding inside
Snack: All natural white cheddar cheese cubes and granola bite

Lunch:  Whole Foods bean, rice and cheese burrito, organic low fat sour cream, organic tomatoes, sliced strawberries
Snack: frozen no sugar added applesauce and organic berry fruit strip

Lunch: Cheese quesadillas (organic cheese and whole wheat tortilla), all natural salsa, raspberries, bell pepper strips and organic animal crackers
Snack:  All natural hummus and whole wheat pitas

Lunch: Mini pizzas (organic whole wheat english muffins, marinara, cheese and turkey pepperoni), bell pepper strips and apple chunks
Snack: nectarine and frozen organic yogurt

Lunch: Homegrown tomato sandwich on all natural whole wheat bread, fresh strawberries, sliced red peppers, baby bell cheese and nutter butter
Snack: frozen applesauce

Lunch: Organic Whole Foods 365 brand “spaghetti-ohs” in thermos, organic frozen yogurt, apple, water
Snack:  All natural hummus and whole wheat pitas

Lunch: Baked chicken nuggets with all natural bbq sauce, organic baby carrots and organic tomatoes, fresh strawberries, swiss cheese stars
Snack: Organic plum and granola bite

Lunch: Sandwich on a stick (cubed organic bread, all natural ham and cheese), organic baby carrots and organic tomatoes, red seedless grapes and organic animal crackers
Snack: Trail mix – pretzels, raisins, peanuts and m&m’s

I’d be remiss if I didn’t spill the beans on the aforementioned granola bites!  Check out Bentobloggy for the amazing recipe.  
Happy lunching y’all!
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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my party! Hope to see you next Friday :) (Any lunchbox-friendly recipe will work… you don't have to do a whole lunchbox post every week)

    Lisa @ Allergy Free Vintage Cookery

  2. those lunches are great! I will be trying the sandwich on a stick – how FUN!

    Thanks for sharing & offering some lunch inspiration on the Sunday Showcase. We hope to see you link up what you've been up to this week.


  3. I invite you to come visit and maybe join the link party – Galeria de Criações Compartilhadas – (Shared Creations Gallery), on my blog. Sunflower is the issue of the number 1 ! Hugs, Marion

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