Mickey’s Matching Game

I am not even pulling your leg when I say that, the very night I received the Mickey paint chip color deck in the mail from Mother, I literally bolted upright in bed when the idea struck me to make some sort of matching game out of those adorbs paint chips to help entertain the littles on the long ride down South to Disney.

And, the very next day, Mickey’s Road Trip Matching Game was born.

Here’s how we’ll play:
1. Honey or I will name a category and a pattern for the win.  Say…cars, licence tags, billboards or fast food signs as categories, in your typical Bingo patterns (across, down, diagonal, all over, cross, x and four corners.)
2.  The littles (mainly John) will scour the landscape for matches, call them out when he sees them and cross them off on his chart with a dry erase marker.  (There is a very strong likelihood that the baby will be coloring with said dry erase markers on the backs of my seats, windows and his face during this phase of the game.)

3.  The first little to fulfill the pattern will yell (they’ll love that part) “I made a Mickey Mouse Magical Match” and win some sort of grand and lavish yet-to-be-determined prize along the lines of a quarter or even a high five, (at which point the baby will relentlessly scrawl – recall that’s his signature cross between a scream and a bawl – until we cave and give him a matching prize.)
4. Wash clean with baby wipes and go at it again!

Here’s how to make your very own:

1. Pop into Home Depot and pick up nine Mickey color paint chips for each game your making.
2. Arrange the paint chips on a piece of cardstock.  Be sure to put them in different locations on each card.
3. Should you wish, create something signifying the name of the game on the reverse side of the cardstock.  I used the same Brady Bunch and Waltograph free fonts as in the signature books shared yesterday.
4.  Laminate the games.  I did these at Kinkos for $1.99 each.  Their lamination is stronger than the one at Lakeshore.  (But four times as costly.)

I’m guessing the littles will get at least two dollars worth of enjoyment out of these…

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