Minted Calling Cards

This post makes me feel like I’m cheating on my blog-ff, calliespondence, only the finest purveyor of custom paper goods this side of the Mason Dixon.  Alas, I shall push forward with the best intentions of setting y’all up with a fine deal from Minted.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes some of the most inexpensive items on ones wish list are the ones that just stay on the list year after year?  And really, I have no excuse for this seeing as 1) Sister and I used to have a paper printing biz ourselves and 2) I have had the pleasure of meeting the lovely and aforementioned Callie who’s Mister is one of Honey’s frat bros of yore.  Yet, along with a new return addy stamp and a frame for the pen and ink drawing of my home (that could likely be picked up for under twenty on sale at Hobby Lobby), I have wanted mommy calling cards from the time I became a mommy nearly six years ago.  oy vey…six years already?  Well, lookie what arrived in the mail last week…
I’ve mentioned how I adore fab packaging again and again.  And these are just no exception.  I was swooning over the matchbox the moment I laid eye on it.
There are hundreds of designs and color ways to choose from.  I’m into yellow and gray right now and couldn’t pass this one up.  Even for some of the lovely pink varieties.  And there are many other options outside of just mommy cards!
For just the cost of shipping ($7.95), you can get twenty-five of your own FREE between now and September 23.  Just click here to learn more and get started.  I went ahead and ordered an additional twenty-five for just five extra dollars and am so glad that I did.
Now, I can’t wait to make the acquaintance of my next new mommy friend…
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2 thoughts on “Minted Calling Cards

  1. this post cracked me up! don't worry, we are equal opportunity stationers here at calliespondence :) and i kind of want to order some for myself?! is that bad?! guess i could call it research…? and also dying over the packaging. love it! xo

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