Pinterest-ing Finds

Seeing as I was sucked into the Pinterest fervor a couple of months ago, I’ve had ample time to dot my various boards with all sorts of pinterest-ing finds.

From the baby’s impending Mickey Mouse inspired third birthday bash
…to forty-eight mouthwatering eats and drinks I hope to one day make…
…there is something for everyone on Pinterest.
So, follow me here.  I’ll follow you back.  And then we can enroll together in a twelve-step program to ditch our newest on-line time-engulfing addiction.
Happy pinning, y’all.
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3 thoughts on “Pinterest-ing Finds

  1. oh my….is that site addicting or what? I could waste WAY more time on it than I ever could on Facebook. Love your boards :)

  2. I am so addicted too! Isn't it fabulous though?

    If you have time to visit my blog I am having a Pinterest party at the moment. I have also started a Pinning Bloggers Master List that you might want to link up to!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

  3. I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for linking up to my Pinterest party! I hope you will be able to join in again this weekend!

    Best wishes and happy pinning,

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