Around About Atlanta

With the glorious fall weather embracing our fair Southern city, I can’t think of anything more fitting than dining alfresco around about Atlanta.
For lunch, Cookie and I reveled in a fantastic, lake side picnic at historic Piedmont Park with the so-Southern and always entertaining Buncolator ladies, Lindsay and Catherine.  We spread out our blankets, unteathered our littles and lazily dined on hand crafted sandwiches, gourmet pasta salad, Ghirardelli brownies and wine (told ya these ladies are fab).  Can’t wait to do it again.  Soon.

Later that evening, we set off with new neighbor A and her littles to check out the latest alfresco dining rage taking the city by storm…Food Trucks!  A whole caravan of them made there way to our little suburb in an evening filled with gourmet eats, great people watching and loads of littles dancing in the street.  We chose the spicy pulled pork tacos and sesame fries from Yumbii for supper, and followed it up with a divinely Southern, Elvis inspired toasted banana ice cream with peanut butter and caramel from Honeysuckle Gelato.  *drool*

And as for this weekend?  We’ve got games galore, from the Ironbirds to the Yellow Jackets, the rumblings of a back yard camp out and a few thousand trips to the potty in between all the fun.

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