Farewell, Ward the Fish aka Mr. Todd.  You will be sorely missed around these parts.

Surely there’s never been a fish with fishier antics than you.  Take the time your pump malfunctioned and flooded the PCP’s room, for example.  Or the many, many times you tried to eat yourself to death after the baby fed you an entire container of food.  Better yet, let’s not forget the time your tank “exploded” – toppling over a table AND a Christmas tree. How many fish can say they were the guest of honor at a Seussical Birthday Soiree??  Yes, Ward the Fish aka Mr. Todd, you certainly were a hoot.  (And apparently those darned felines aren’t the only ones with nine lives.)  Not only were you well loved, but I’d venture to say you lived a pretty fulfilling, and undeniably exciting life for a little goldfish.

I hope to always remember the PCP’s tearful farewell to his very first pet “Goodbye Mr. Todd.  I will never forget you.  You’ll like Heaven.  I have a hole in my fort to bury you in.”

And I sincerely hope that Honey doesn’t use the poor fish’s untimely death to weasel a dog into the house.

Here’s to you, Ward the Fish aka Mr. Todd…

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One thought on “Farewell

  1. A fish was our first introduction to a pet in the house and the thing lived for 2 years. After a couple years of begging and negotiating, we are planning to get a dog. But not a low shedding dog like a little Westie or a Wheaten Terrier, (which I wanted), we are going for the shedding, big, messy, Golden Retriever…shoot me now! We haven't gotten one yet but I think we've committed. They are great dogs though..but I am afraid my house will never be the same! Good luck with your family. I hope you get your way!

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