Girl Mickey (or is that Minnie?)

After about three seconds of the PCP’s prodding, Honey and I agreed to step out in costume this Halloween.  And I’m soooooooo excited!!  *squeals with delight*

So, to go along with Cookie’s Mickey Mouse costume, I’ll be attired as “girl Mickey”.  (Or is that just Minnie?)   It was a natural choice, given my current obsession with all things Disney and my newest set of ears.

I popped into the fabric store for supplies to make the skirt and had to make the choice to either 1) go the little-sew, total of $4 route and have a solid red felt skirt (aka “girl Mickey”) or 2) go the lot’s of sewing, $15 route and have the requisite red and white polka dot ensemble (a la Minnie).  Let’s face it, it was the sewing that tipped the scale, not the eleven dollars.  :-)

I whipped up a “girl Mickey” circle skirt to go over my black petticoat using Made’s great tutorial.  I assure you, it was crazy easy!  I followed the exact proportions for making the pattern and then I cut out some of the fullness of the skirt by sewing down the black lines as shown below…

Afterwards, I cut off the extra fabric and sewed on the elastic waist band.

Next, I printed out two oval templates for “girl Mickey’s” buttons.  I cut each button out of two layers of white felt because one layer seemed too see through on top of the red.

And then I got super lazy and glued them on with fabric glue.  I fully expect Mother is dying a slow death inside at this revelation.  Pigs will fly before she’ll deign to use fabric glue on a skirt.

And last but not least, I hand sewed on the rat tail.  Though, I suppose it looks more like a black pig tail.  It just so happened that the day I was sewing this little skirt, a package arrived in the mail from Mother with black curly-que shoe laces inside.  Go with what you’ve got, people.  Go with what you’ve got.
So that’s that!  I’m beyond excited to trick or treat along side my darling little Mickey at the end of the month. And I see many more circle skirted costumes in my future…
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5 thoughts on “Girl Mickey (or is that Minnie?)

  1. As I looked our of the front door this morning, I saw some pigs flying……………looked like they were coming from your direction! Can't wait to see you dressed to the Mickey (or Minnie) Nines!

  2. Love your skirt. It's adorable and you will have a great time with your kids! What about your husband? Let us know what you are creating for him to wear!


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