Spooky Sunday Supper

Teeming with bats and spiders and goblin goo, last week’s Sunday Supper was the spookiest ever!

The littles helped set the table with black and white Spode transferware and Pottery Barn dessert plates.

The monstrous menu included spider bread, bat pasta with goblin goo and creepy crawly hot chocolate…
The PCP and I used one tube of Pillsbury garlic breadsticks to make the spider bread.  We cut three of the dough strips in half for the six legs and loosely wound up the rest of the sticks to make the body, pinching off two pieces for eyes.  (If I didn’t have a helper that wanted to do things his way, I’d probably have rolled the five sticks for the body into more of a ball.)  Bake per the package instructions and decorate with a food safe marker.
Farfalle pasta with pesto sauce made the “bat pasta with goblin goo”.
And dessert was hot chocolate and a marshmallow spider.  The PCP created these by sticking three large marshmallows on a toothpick and then going to town with the food safe marker.

Have a great weekend y’all!

8 thoughts on “Spooky Sunday Supper

  1. Love the spooky dinner!
    Run to target, they have the most adorable Mickey mouse table wear I have ever seen! The Mickey bowl with feet had me dying! Great for a Mickey party

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