A Triple and A Snack

Just after we arrived home from Disney, it was time to get right back into the swing of things.  Literally.  The PCP was thrilled to see his Ironbirds team mates again and to have Sister, her Mister and Bird come cheer him on at his first game back.  And I was thrilled to take my turn at providing the team’s post-game snack.

First things first, the PCP had one of his best games yet – doing a stand out job at third base aaaaaaaaaaaand hitting a triple to secure the much coveted game ball!!!!  Honey was quite obviously about to burst with pride and I just couldn’t have been more excited for the little angel.

Post game debrief:
Announcing the game ball (can you feel the excitement?!?!):
Without much time to prepare, I dug through  my coffer of table ware for a table cloth, napkins and plates.  As luck would have it, the Ironbirds share the same team colors as our Yellow Jackets so there was a plethora to choose from.  I printed out the spirit flags on card stock, adhered them to dowels with double stick tape and stuck them into my all-purpose and much used paint bucket with florist foam inside.  On the way to the game, we popped into the Dollar Store for balloons.  Between Disney treats, parties and Halloween decor, I’ve got to be their new best customer.  
I wrapped the water bottles with a logo label, served a Cracker Jack-esque treat in black paper bags from Michael’s and picked up hot dogs from the snack bar.  The fact that said black paper bags were kraft on the inside had me instantly thinking of one million additional uses for such fantastic little sacks.
On the way home, the PCP sweetly proclaimed it as “the most awesomest snack ever.”  Go on and melt your momma’s heart, why don’t ya?
Have a great day, y’all!
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7 thoughts on “A Triple and A Snack

  1. What a good, good Mommy you are! You are the star!!!!! That was a really special treat for the kids, and I'm sure they were all wowed by it! (And all the other Moms are wanting to wring your neck right about now because it means they're going to have to step it up! :-) Great job!!!

  2. Congratulations on the big win! We are big sports too. Have four grandsons playing ball, so we are constantly going to the ball park. I know these kids must have enjoyed their snacks.. Adorable deco.
    BTW… I am visiting from over at Marty's TTT.

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