Witch Mail

While at the post office last week, I saw a lady mailing a ball… literally …a smallish soft bouncy ball with the address and stamps placed right on the ball.  After striking up a conversation with said lady (who surely wanted to just get away from me, my scrawling baby and his screeching firetruck) I was completely inspired to do something similar.  A little internet research later and “The Halloween Witch” (aka yours truly) popped these in the mail for the littles and cousin Bird.  Come to find out, you can mail all sorts of things that weigh no more than 13 ounces via first class mail and a couple of stamps.

These are 20-oz. smartwater bottles filled with a note from the Halloween Witch, a page for scribbles, a few orange eraser caps and ten Halloween pencils from the dollar bin.

I simply cannot WAIT to see the littles faces when they race to the box on Monday and find these inside.  Checking the mail is always a big deal around these parts.  And I’m pretty sure Bird will be awfully pleased as well.  Getting into a bottle full of sharpened pencils sounds right up his alley.

Now, I know you can’t believe everything you read on the internet so I’ll for sure update y’all if these actually make it to us :-)  And in the mean time, perhaps I should be armed with a plan b…


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6 thoughts on “Witch Mail

  1. I totally forgot you could send oddly shaped items through the mail. Did all that really only cost a stamp? What a great way to reuse those bottles! I will have to remember this for another time for my family (maybe grandkids someday!).

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  2. I just sent a tube of mini M&M's to my granddaughter.I put on an address label and the proper postage and dropped it in the mail box! She loved it!

  3. I mailed the larger Dollar Tree balls with Sharpie marker drawings I created to my nieces. The postal worker was fascinated by what I was mailing. The nieces loved their surprise packages and asked if I would bring the appropriate materials the next time I visit so that they could "draw on mail". Great fun!

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