Best Day Ever

The PCP bounded off the bus last Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) proclaiming it his “best day ever.”  In the words of an almost six year old, here’s what constitutes a “best day ever…”

1. I got a certificate from Mrs. R cause I was caught being good.

2. I got to eat at the special teacher table for lunch.  And there were table cloths.  And decorations.  And you woulda loved it way more than the other table we eat at.  (He knows me too well.)

3. CAE GOT TO DO IT TOO!!!  (This is his buddy from down the street.  He’s in a different class, hence they spent the first nine weeks of school waving longingly at each other from across the cafeteria.)

4.  I got all sorts of prizes for being so good.

5. Mrs. B said my mommy should be proud of my manners.  (This was confirmed with a note in his folder.  Be still my heart…)

6. I’ve got another loose tooth.  (To which I did a little celebratory jig.  You see, he doesn’t know what I know…this tooth has approximately seven more days to come out on it’s own or the dentist is yanking it.)

7. (and this is the clincher) I wore my boxers backwards so my flirts (read: farts) went out the hole in the back and made everything super stinky.  It was awesome.  (Lovely.  Just lovely.)

And that, my friends, was the PCP’s “best day ever.”  Ahhh…to be almost six again.

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