Heavenly Gourmet

Armed with a Groupon, the baby and I popped in Heavenly Gourmet popcorn in Alpharetta earlier this week. Clearly the proprietors of this fine establishment did their market research when naming the joint because “heavenly” and “gourmet” were just two of the fine adjectives that came to mind at first nibble of the fare. 
The boutique popcorn shoppe features wall-to-wall tubs of over a hundred different varieties, from sweet to savory and everything in between.  To aid in the decision making, the kind folks offer samples to your heart’s content.  I felt only slightly guilty at asking them to haul down the fifth canister of corn for said sampling.  I just couldn’t stop! (And the baby was eating half of my loot.)
We left with two small (but generously sized) bags. The first a mix of Banana Pudding and Reese’s.  Two of my favorite things…and in popcorn form to boot.  As for the second bag, I was both intrigued by the Cinnamon Red Hot flavor and in need of a red colored popcorn for my impending Twilight Saga viewing party. **squeal**  Between the flavors, colors and ability to mix it all together, I absolutely adore the party favor possibilities.
It’s so yummy that I suspect that the addition of a few cafe tables could make the place a destination, perhaps even toppling the frozen yogurt snack occasion that seems to be sweeping suburban Atlanta.  For those of you that don’t live around these parts, never fear, they’ll ship popcorn right to your door.
We’ll likely be back real soon. And next time I’m not leaving without Dill Pickle.
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