Runner Up

After playing their little hearts out, the Ironbirds came in runners up in the championship baseball game.

Honey and I were incredibly proud of John, how hard he tried this season and how much he grew in his game.

I partnered with fun friend M to provide the snack for the littles, and I lugged back the centerpiece from my last snack game.

Here’s how to make your own baseball cupcakes:
1. bake cupcakes and cool completely
2. put a nice thick layer of icing on the cupcakes, doing one at a time
3. insert baseball topper – mine was found in clipart and then I added the team logo
4. lightly push Cracker Jacks into the icing, starting at the outside border and working your way up to the cupcake topper, making a mound of Cracker Jacks
5. sit back and watch your littles enjoy :-)

And the proof is in the pudding that second place didn’t put a damper on the season in the least.  Those twelve boys were beyond thrilled with their TWO trophies!

Now we have approximately two days before gearing up for basketball.  We have a one team sport at a time rule and we’re sticking to it…if only by the skin of our teeth :-)
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