Switch Witch

After carefully pouring though his loot last night, the PCP selected five (FIVE!) pieces of candy to keep and left the rest out for the Switch Witch.

And by the time he got home from school today, she had switched the candy for a much coveted pack of Pokemon cards.  You see, the Switch Witch is terribly greedy when it comes to candy.  The more you leave for her, the better gift she gives in return.
The PCP couldn’t have been more pleased!  And I’m patting myself on the back for all the cavities and sugar crashes we undoubtedly just avoided.
PS. Figuring the Switch Witch concept would be lost on the baby, we selected two pieces for him to keep, raided his bag for Reese’s, Heath Bars and Almond Joys, and tossed the rest in for the Switch Witch.  As suspected, he had no recollection of his candy bag upon waking this morning.
PPS. The gigantic bag of sweets was donated to the PCP’s school.  They in turn distribute collected candy to local children’s hospitals.
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