Lights of Life

After bath last night, the littles were beyond excited to find Scout snuggled into the PCP’s bed with Chirstmas jammies and a golden ticket to ride “The Christmas Light Express!”

We donned the pj’s and headed to the Jeep where bags of popcorn and cups of hot cocoa were waiting!

And after one stop to pick up our sweet little neighbor, we punched the golden tickets and were off…

…to see Life University’s holiday light show Lights of Life!!

It was a magic night, filled with LiGhTs, kindergarten conversation, Christmas carols, The Grinch movie on the way home and, perhaps most memorable of all, this exchange:
Mommy: Ooooh, look at those swans.
Cookie: Where?  Where da swans?  I don’t see dem.
Cookie: Ooooh, look at those rubber duckies!!!!

I’m guessing they had some pretty sweet dreams…I did!

Golden tickets inspired by Pinterest!

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