New Orleans {Eats}

Sister and I have just returned from a long weekend visit with besties R and J in the Crescent City…

… and never have I ever had such fabulous hosts!  We spent three non-stop days shopping, dining and cocktail-ing in one of the South’s most charming and marvelously historic gems.  If you’re thinking of visiting the Big Easy, I can’t not recommend just following in our footsteps as our hosts overlooked nothing.  Here’s a tour of our eats…

Le Crepe Nanou
After whisking us away from the airport, we turned up at Le Crepe Nanou in Uptown New Orleans in no time at all.  This charming neighborhood bistro was the perfect place for us to catch up over savory crepes and cocktails!

Commander’s Palace
We were up bright and early Friday morning for R and J’s traditional morning “coffee tawk” – an event I’ve been green with envy over for ages.  Afterwards, we popped in a few delightful shoppes in the Garden District (more on that perhaps tomorrow!) before heading to lunch at Commander’s Palace, a New Orleans institution.  We dined on seafood cakes and sipped on (perhaps a few too many) .25 martinis with the locals in the Garden Room.   It was a delightfully memorable meal topped off with bestie R personally introducing us to Lally Brennan.

In martini induced jubilantly grand moods, so much staggeringly good shopping ensued that we just had to stop for a rest up and pick me up in Sucre a few hours later.  My hot lavender white chocolate and strawberry macaroons were sinfully delish.  To quote J, “I taste them in my mouth when I’m not there.”  This is a must-stop for any Magazine Street shopping excursion.

We ended our fanciful day over convivial cocktails and contemporary Creole at Upperline.  Always exemplary gentlemen and quite the socialites, R and J were sure to again personally introduce us to Upperline’s proprietor – the lovely and lively JoAnn Clevenger.  This was our favorite meal in the Cresent City and one we’ll undoubtedly visit time and again!

Mr. B’s Bistro
Saturday brought us to the French Quarter and our first stop was the legendary Mr. B’s Bistro.  Again, a superb choice in dining!  Here, our libation of choice was the Bloody Mary and three-quarters of us gorged on the most divine melt-in-your mouth pot roast and goat cheese mac and cheese of which you could ever dream.

Cafe Adelaide
After another day full of cocktails and shoppes, our appetites caught up with us at the Swizzle Stick Bar in the Loews Hotel.  Bellied up to the swanky bar, we had a divine small plates meal of Cafe Adelaide’s shrimp and tasso corndogs, truffle fries, oysters and potato flatbread.  While my dreams last night were a little hazy, I’m pretty sure those corndogs were prominently featured.

Stay tuned for shoppes, cocktails and, the coup de grac of my Big Easy segment… a tour of R and J’s stunningly gorgeous home!

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  1. So handsome! The fella in Argyle strongly favors the late producer, Mike Todd. And I'm picking up a Kyle MacLachlan vibe from the other.
    Completely jealous of the food and libations. I'm certainly going to make goat cheese mac and cheese. Sounds yummy!

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