New Orleans {Holiday Home Tour}

Allright, are y’all ready to feast your eyes on one of the most marvelously decorated homes I’ve ever seen?  I am beyond excited to share it!  And I promise y’all that the only thing better than R and J’s home is R and J’s home at Christmas. *squeals with delight* It’s the kind of home that you could visit ten times and pour through pictures of twenty times, yet still fall in love all over again the next time.

Hailing from so-Southern Louisiana, bestie R’s home is dripping with classic Southern style and laden with coastal influences.  I could move in tomorrow and not change a thing.  Now, without further ado, sit back, relax and revel in the tour…

The Parlor
Dining Room
Living Room
Breakfast Room and Kitchen
Guest Rooms – These were late at night so the lighting isn’t the best and I missed the master (but I’m sure R can be convinced to send them to me.)
Courtyard – there is so much more to it…sadly I don’t have photos
Are you green with envy yet?!?!  Bestie R is a dear friend, a gracious host and one exceptionally talented gentleman (among a bevvy of other enviable qualities!)  
Merci, friend.
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14 thoughts on “New Orleans {Holiday Home Tour}

  1. Aaaww..that reminds me of college days..and a house I used to walk by uptown, on my way to the street car… =(
    Miss that place, such an AWESOME city! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You had me at New Orleans!
    Asa South Texas native, I think I lived in Louisiana in a former life.

    What a beautiful home-

    I am off to read more, and I am a new follower!

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