The Polar Express

Yesterday we had our second annual day spent riding the rails on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway’s Santa Express.  And this year Sister, her Mister and the train lovin’ Bird joined in on the fun!

Honey and I tiptoed downstairs before the little awoke (thankfully we had a laaaaaate Friday night and they slept in) to help little Scout prepare breakfast.

While Honey read the book, we ate pancakes, sipped on Polar Express hot chocolate and rang our bells.

Scout left the littles each a golden (white in our case) ticket to ride on a REAL Polar Express Train!  They were thrilled to find that we were returning to Blue Ridge again this year!!

Between breakfast and leaving for the train, we watched the Polar Express (recorded from ABC Family.)

And then it was finally time to hit the road.  Arriving in Blue Ridge, we dined on (a mediocre) lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe before heading to our coach to ride the rails!!

As we chugged out of the station, the littles were completely enamored with the sights and scenes passing by. 

We visited with Frosty and Rudolph and sang Christmas carols while sipping on (more) hot chocolate.

The littles gathered around to hear a the story of the Christmas Train.

After more caroling, the PCP was asked to lead “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” for our coach.

And at the end of the carol, what to our wondering eyes did appear?  Santa Claus himself!

He gave the littles their special Polar Express bells and asked each of them for one thing they’d like for Christmas.  When the PCP sweetly asked for “just one more bell”, Santa was pleased to comply.  And when the baby shyly asked only for “a candy cane”, I thought my hear would melt right there on the spot.  As soon as he had the words out of his mouth, Mrs. Claus was rifling through her basket to give him just that!

Back at the depot and full of Christmas cheer, we popped in a few stores.  Our very favorite was Gracious Home.  I could have left with a car load of lovelies but settled on a sidetable for the baby’s one-day big boy room.

It was another splendid wintertime, Christmastime day riding the rails in Blue Ridge!

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16 thoughts on “The Polar Express

  1. Another beautiful post my friend, so nice to catch up again. Sending you and your lovely family special wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012.

    Always Wendy

  2. I just love the special, magical things you do with your children. When so many kids are robbed of their childhoods and forced to grow up too early, you have created a life they will look back on and see love and parents who want them to enjoy life and the special little moments that come with it.

    I will certainly use some of your activities as inspiration for my own children when God decides to bless me with them, but I do have a question. Do you have a sort of predetermined age, or will you just wait for the day your son says "mom, I don't want to wear/do that" for the themed outfits and events? How will you handle keeping the magic alive for the little one? My brother is dealing with the age difference with my nieces and it is hard to convince the 3 year old of Santa when the 10 year old is starting to roll her eyes.

  3. Hi Brittney –
    As far as the outfits go, John is now 6 and it's up to him to say no. I honestly had conflicted feelings about his birthday outfit and decided that day that he was too old for the matching shirt/pants sets. He didn't notice that at all. I'd guess after this season he'll also be too big for things like the reindeer shirt. :-)
    I have no idea what we'll do when faced with keeping the magic alive. I still believe so much in Christmas. I still love Santa and elves and reindeer…while marveling at the season's true meaning. Once they outgrow believing in Santa I imagine we'll focus more on that true miracle and magic of Christmas. But at ages 3 and 6 I'm just enjoying the phase where they are now.
    Thanks for asking :-)

  4. i love all the sweet breakfast ideas and traditions you have with your littles!! they are going to look back on such a magical and special childhood :) you have such a beautiful family! i adore your blog and your creative and inspiring ideas! mommy of the year award? i think so!

  5. I love love love all the wonderful ideas you share! I am definitly looking forward to starting this tradtion with my little boy in another year or two when he is a bit older! I just don't know how you do it all! But I adore it!

  6. Such a precious post! You have a "beautiful" family Amanda! I'm sure it is a very exciting time of year at your house;)
    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

    p.s. thank you so much for leaving your "calling card" and for your sweet note!

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