Downton Abbey

Are y’all watching Downton Abbey?  I’m positively smitten with the series!  Set in England in the early nineteen hundreds, Downton Abbey tells the story, resplendent with romance, scandal and humor, of the prominent Crawley family and their servants. Season two premiers on Sunday, but there’s time to catch up on season one online!  The story is fabulously engaging, the gowns are drool worthy, the men are dapper, and the sets are gorgeous.  What’s not to love?!?!

And while I’m on the topic of the tube, I’m also giddy over the return of these favorites…  Let me warn you that this list is going to go downhill.  Fast.

Revenge – It’s rare, but Honey and I both give this one the thumbs up…as we frantically try to catch up.

Gossip Girl – I’m absolutely dying to know if Blair really marries the prince.  I much prefer her with Chuck.  And I totes think should have gone with a different do for her wedding.

Vampire Diaries – This is the best season yet, in my opinion.  Y’all know how I love those bloodsuckers.  I’m the rare gal that prefers Stephan over Damon so recent events have had me on pins and needles.

Pretty Little Liars – It’s been rumored that A’s identity will finally be revealed.  And, while I wait on that to happen, I’ll just continue to marvel at the great hair and perfectly applied lipstick.

So, that pretty much wraps up my tween tv repertoire.  I promise to get back to more age appropriate topics real soon.

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9 thoughts on “Downton Abbey

  1. Love Downton Abbey :-) I just heard about it on an NPR broadcast interview with Elizabeth McGovern and went to pbs to watch the first season online. The set design, the house, the grounds and the costumes are magnificent. Love that they tell the story of the servants too.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I will be checking out Downtown Abbey. I also am a big fan of Revenge and Vampire Diaries both are fab. I'm also into Once Upon a Time its a great show!

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