The PCP finished out his first season of hoops in our parish league this morning.  I tell you what, that team of ten kindergartners has come a LONG way since they first hit the courts back in November.  John turned out to be quite the defensive player, a great dribbler and a pretty good shot!
At the team party, John was just as pleased as punch to add another trophy to his growing collection. And, to illustrate the validity of the “it’s a small world” statement, get this…we show up on the first night of practice and John’s coach is none other than a boy I grew up with, affectionately referred to as “Pat Rat” back in the day. I mean, how crazy is it that a kid I started kindergarten with in Savannah now lives a hop skip and a jump away from me in Atlanta and is the coach of MY son’s kindergarten basketball game?!?! “Pat Rat’s” daughter was the sole girl on our team and she was positively AH-dorable. So fun to reconnect with an old friend.
With that, I’m about to hit the hay.  (Yes, I’m aware that it’s not even eight…and I’m giddy!)  We had a late dinner with friends at Table & Main last night, and then packed in the basketball game, baseball practice, and the circus today.  Fun and exhausting.  Extraordinarily exhausting.

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