Sock Hop

The PCP as been completely beside himself looking forward to the school’s family Sock Hop.  And it certainly lived up to his extraordinary expectations!
February 2012 050
February 2012 052 copy
We kicked off the evening with popcorn, Coke floats and confections from the sweets stand before really out-doing ourselves on The Varsity’s famous dogs and o-rings.
February 2012 047
And then we danced the night away…hoola hooping, limbo-ing and pseudo-shagging to 1950’s jukebox favorites.
February 2012 058
February 2012 060
February 2012 063
It was a fantastic night with a son still young enough to want to dance with his Mommy in public!

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6 thoughts on “Sock Hop

  1. What a fun night. He might be just like my youngest son was…he loved his Mom and didn't care who knew it…lol….he still does…I am second right after his wife.

    You are just a cute little thing, Momma! xo Diana

  2. I am so glad that ya'll do such fun things as a family. John's character will be formed by these! And what memories! And you are a really cute little thing!

  3. very sweet….looks like a well put on event! I can only imagine what they'll be like at his school once (if) you get pulled into PTF :) And, glad Faith's future husband loves his mama so much..hehe

  4. Nothing like making memories with our precious little ones. My "little ones" are all grown now but out of 9 precious grandbabies, I have one that thinks the sun rises and sets on his grandma! :) And I am so jealous that you had Varsity!!! Oh what I would give for one of the chili dogs tonight! Thanks for sharing.

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