Sunday Supper

I super puffy heart love some California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Yummmmmy!  So, for Sunday Supper this week we went totally casual and dined on our own at home take of the pizza parlor favorite.
March 2012 561
BBQ Chicken Pizza
pizza dough (I use whole wheat dough from Publix bakery.)
8-oz. of mozzarella cheese, shredded
1/2 of a small red onion, diced finely
shredded chicken (I picked up a rotisserie from the Publix deli.)
fresh cilantro
bbq sauce

– spread your dough out per the package instructions
– top with cheese, chicken and onion
– drizzle with bbq sauce
– bake according to package directions (mine was 400 for about 20 minutes)
– top with cilantro
– enjoy

And the best part of all? Our no muss, no fuss supper left us with loads of time for bike riding!!  The baby got John’s old bike with the training wheels re-attached and John is the proud new owner of a larger, “cooler” Razor Kobra bike (that Honey went to the ends of Atlanta find…I kid you not.)

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March 2012 550


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