Tampa Day 2: Amelia’s ONEderland

We were beyond thrilled to be able to celebrate our darling baby cousin’s first birthday yesterday while down in Tampa.  Sweet Amelia, born at only twenty-six weeks weighing just over two pounds, is now the happiest, bounciest baby on the block.
March 2012 124
March 2012 136
We’ve admired cousin M’s parties from afar for ages now, and attending in person was just as fun as we’d hoped.  The littles ran in the yard, bounced in the giant inflatable, swam in the ball pit, dug in the sand box and even watched a gator floating about in the lake!
March 2012 133
March 2012 125
The sweets table was literally covered in all sorts of “onederlandish” confections, the favorite being the ice cream cone cupcake floats.
March 2012 139
March 2012 138
March 2012 140
At long last we were able to get a picture of five of the seven little cousins – Lyons, Amelia, Layla, Jay and Whit – sadly we are missing Riley and John.
Sister and I tried our best to get our littles to perch on these darling toadstools but the allure of the bounce house and ball pit was just too compelling.  Are these not the bees knees?
March 2012 134
As for the rest of the day, we tooled around at the playground and ate ourselves silly.   
March 2012 100
March 2012 115
March 2012 120
March 2012 097 copy
And the best part of all is that there are seven more days of fun in store!!

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4 thoughts on “Tampa Day 2: Amelia’s ONEderland

  1. She is SOOO cute. Looks like she caught up after her early birth! What a great looking bunch of family you have there…so much fun!

    I LOVE the cake(s)..and the party is perfect! xo Diana

  2. precious party!! that sweet girl is a miracle isnt she?? and by the way I am beyond obsessed with your sweet boys little outfit!! Lilly lover and constant monograms?? Stinkin love it!!!

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