Tampa Day 3: Busch Gardens

Among the first in and last out, we literally spent the whole day at Busch Gardens!  Just as soon as we walked through the gates we bee lined for the Sesame Street Safari of Fun, the park’s newest land filled with pint sized rides, loads of adventure and Big Bird and Elmo themselves! 
After wrapping up our morning on Sesame Street and lingering over lunch at the Bengal Bistro, we made our way to the Serengeti Railway, a forty-five minute journey into the wild habitats of hundreds of exotic animals.
The next stop on our adventure was to Timbuktu, where we rode more rides and ate more snacks.  The motorcycles here were one of the highlights of the day!
We were so excited to catch the new Iceploration live show, resplendent with ice skaters, puppets, costumes, music, special effects like bubbles and snow AND live animal stars!  It was an enthralling spectacle that kept the littles on the edges of their seats for it’s entire thirty minute run length.
After the show, Sister was a doll and watched the babies while her Mister and I hit the Cheetah Hunt and Gwazi rollercoasters.  We then checked out the smaller animal exhibits before heading back to Sesame Street for the A is for Africa live show.
As if our front row seats to the show didn’t have the babies already over the moon, afterwards were invited to come on stage and meet the stars!  Cookie was beyond thrilled to give Cookie Monster the biggest bear hug you’ve ever seen, and Bird planted a big kiss right on Grover’s red lips.  It was plum darling to see them, each with their favorite character.
DSC_0167 copy
DSC_0183 copy
We ran out our last ounces of energy in Elmo’s Treehouse Trek, Cookie Monster’s Canopy Crawl and Slimey’s Sahara Sand box before heading home for supper with the family.
It was another grand day in Florida!!

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4 thoughts on “Tampa Day 3: Busch Gardens

  1. What a fun day and the kids look like they are having the best time. I grew up near Tampa and visted Busch Gardens as a child and later took my own children there. This summer we plan on taking the grandchildren to Busch Gardens. I bet it has changed a lot since the last time we visited.
    xo, Sherry

  2. Looks so fun! I just had to share that as I was looking at your blog this morning my Three year old (who is a dead ringer for Whit) kept saying" theres me!" "Theres me AND you!" I look alot like you sister :-)
    Every time I told him no sweetie its not you he would get sooooo mad! Too funny!!

  3. I have not been to Busch Gardens in years. It is such a wonderful place for kids. I think we need to take our grands there in the next year or so. It looks like you are all having a wonderful time! xo Diana

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