Happy Easter

I hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing day, soaking up the company of loved ones and remembering the true meaning of Easter.

If there’s one sure fire thing about this family, we never ever pass up a photo op.  And Easter is one of my favorites…I mean, how often have y’all seen Honey sporting a tie?!?! April 2012 444 copy
April 2012 399 copy
April 2012 407 copy
April 2012 423 copy
April 2012 469 copy
April 2012 470 copy
After we exhausted ourselves forever documenting every combination of ourselves in the front lawn, Honey’s Maple Bourbon Ham on the Big Green Egg made for a divine “linner” (or so we call the meal between lunch and dinner.)
April 2012 490 copy
With our gullets sufficiently stuffed, Sister and her Mister headed out back for some highly inappropriate activity.
April 2012 509
Okay, I’m totally kidding.  But it does look bad, no?  She thinks she broke her foot hiding eggs and when her Mister tried to carry her to a chair in the shade we were all laughing so hysterically that they collapsed in the yard.
April 2012 507
Meanwhile, some bunny rang the bell…what could it be???
April 2012 513 copy
Well, the Easter bunny, of course!
April 2012 511
I threw together these mason jar treats for the littles at about one a.m…
April 2012 518
And then more hysterics ensued when Mother came up the walk rolling Sister in the wagon…
April 2012 517
After pouring through the contents of our baskets, we were delighted to find out the bunny had been busy hiding eggs around back!
April 2012 522
After collecting up the loot, we had to sort and divide.  Y’all see, I had the ingenious idea to buy each one a mini lego set and stuff the eggs with lego pieces.  Well, each little had different colored eggs and it became a slight logistical nightmare to get everyone to hand them over to then divide them back up.  However, they were super excited to put their pieces together!  There were also twelve Resurrection Eggs in the mix so we took turns opening them and telling parts of the Easter story.
April 2012 540 April 2012 543
April 2012 572
After cleaning up the first round of dishes, it was time for dessert on the deck and a friendly family game of kick ball.  We brought out the basket of Peep Pops, brought back last year’s Bunny-tinis and Sister outdid herself with the darling cake.
April 2012 560
April 2012 563
April 2012 554
The house is clean and quiet and I’m off to bed.  I can hardly believe it’s back to school at the crack of dawn!

Happy Easter, y’all!

PS. We don’t yet know the status of Sister’s foot as she refused the ER and no urgent cares were open today.  She’ll be getting it checked out first thing in the morning.

A Dixie Delights Easter:
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4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. What a gorgeous family day! Each and every one of you is just beautiful beyond measure and as sweet inside as outside. Blessings to all of you and I hope Sister's foot is NOT broken! xo Diana

  2. Oh lawwwzie! Jeff & I are peeing on the floor laughing at Jamey carrying Mel and then collapsing…….. Hope she gets it checked out soon. Miss & love y'all …..

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