Field Day + Marathon

Not only was Tuesday Honey’s birthday, but it was also Field Day and our school’s annual Marathon!!!  I worked at the jump rope relay station and absolutely adored being in the thick of things.  It was so much fun to see the kids cheer each other on and to see how much our little ones have grown over the last nine months.  Classes were awarded points based on their performance at each event, teamwork and sportsmanship and John’s class came in first over all!!!  (or so it was reported to me by the PCP)
May 2012 145 cop2y May 2012 147 cop2yLater that afternoon, Honey, the baby and I were as pleased as punch to head back up to the school to watch the PCP represent his class in their annual marathon.  This event is a coveted school tradition and quite a big deal – the fastest boy and girl (based on an in-class race the week before) from each class are selected to run.  The runners are escorted to the track by the teachers and the entire school surrounds the track to cheer on their class.  There are loads of parents, music, dancing, posters and signs.  And, first, second and third place runners from each grade are awarded much coveted trophies in an awards ceremony.

The Kindergarten Line Up
May 2012 160 cop2y The Technique
May 2012 163 copy copy Sprinting to the Finish Line

May 2012 167 cop2y

AND HE TAKES SECOND PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2012 209 cop2y
John was absolutely positively ecstatic with his run.  I mean, he was literally beaming with pride.  And good gracious alive, I thought my heart was going to pound straight out of my chest.  It’s hard work being someone’s number one fan :-)  Between this race and Muffins with Mom, I pretty much walk around grinning like the cheshire cat these days.

A huge celebratory hug from brother
May 2012 211 cop2y John and Jane (girl runner from his class) both place!
May 2012 214 cop2y And our sweet friend C took third in the third grade race!
May 2012 216 copy

To take a phrase from my friend Diana, God has given me so much more than I ever expected.

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