HGTV Green Home at Serenbe

To wrap up all the goings and doings of our tenth anniversary Serenbe getaway, I was positively delighted when Honey suggested we tour the HGTV Green Home.  While I must admit I haven’t been over the moon with the pictures I’ve seen on-line through various blogs and the Green Home site itself, in person there were quite a few drool worthy attributes.  If only I could take the interior of the house and wrap it up in one of the cottage-ish facades dabbling the Serenbe landscape, I’d be in heaven.  But, at the end of the day, should I be the lucky winner of the give away you can bet your bottom dollar I’d be screaming from the rooftops :-)   So, without further ado, on with the tour… May 2012 607 May 2012 606 The tour started in the mudroom of the otherwise unfinished basement.  I thought the nail head grid on the wall was nice, but not something I’d attempt at home. May 2012 608 The stairs leading up to the main living space were open and airy… May 2012 609 …and led right up to the kitchen. May 2012 626 The kitchen was smartly designed and very high end and the polished concrete counters were just stunning!  They are made by Atlanta’s own Dex Industries and showcase bits of shells and Sweetwater Brewery beer bottles right in the material.  They can be made with nearly anything and I just can’t stop thinking about how gorgeous they’d be with my favorite mollusk (the oyster)! May 2012 615 I adored the large farmhouse style dining table and benches constructed from reclaimed pallets.  I also loved the lamps on the sideboard. May 2012 625 I think my favorite space in the entire home was the sitting room.  Should I win the home (fingers crossed), I’ll be transporting the two wing chairs and that gorgeous mirror made from reclaimed fences straight back to Atlanta first thing. May 2012 616 Those chairs look very Restoration Hardware-ish but they’re not.  Anyone know a source for them or something similar? May 2012 617 The living room fully opened onto a functional courtyard.  I saw those rubber cubes all over Serenbe and wasn’t super crazy about them.  Those pillows, on the other hand, well I’d take the lot! May 2012 644 The master suite was also on the main level.  It was small but nice.  My favorite feature was that it too opened onto a darling patio space, complete with a doggie house that would almost make me want a dog to go in it.  I looooved those chaise lounges and cushions. May 2012 618 May 2012 648 A central feature of the main level was this roof top patio.  Very nice for grilling and dining alfresco. May 2012 610 And do you see that room to the left of the deck?  That is the home’s interpretation of a screened porch (though I wasn’t sure why they specifically said “screened” porch seeing as there are no screens.)  Sliding doors on both ends of the room completely open.  The space is not heated or cooled and is furnished with outdoor appropriate pieces.  It was a little dark for my taste…I think painting the walls in a much lighter shade would have really brightened up the room. May 2012 630 The last room on the main level was the study.  It was nice, but my least favorite space (decor wise) in the house. May 2012 627 Heading on upstairs are the other two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry and a work space.  This bedroom was teeny tiny but nicely appointed. May 2012 632 May 2012 631 May 2012 633 In the hallway between the bedrooms was a functional and delightful work space.  I would love to have something like this in my home.  Plenty of room for homework, crafts and artwork in a light and bright, often under utilized space. May 2012 636 May 2012 637 The shared bath was nice, but again a bit dark for my taste.  I just like things light and bright.  I did love the tile in the shower and would be giddy to do something like this in our boys bath should we ever get around to renovating it. May 2012 634 May 2012 635 The laundry was dripping in penny tile (lovely) but, again, a tad dark for my taste!  I loved the laundry sink, of course, and thought having a closet space off of the laundry (not really pictured) for hanging / organizing / steaming clothes was quite genius.  It would be a smart area for storing bed linens, beach towels, etc. May 2012 638 And my second favorite space in the house was the bunk room.  My boys would go mad for a room like this.  Ever single detail was fun and functional and I loved the modern eclectic colors and furnishings for this space.  The tall, graphic upholstered headboards were a striking use of space.  And that little pulley system bucket to the top reading loft was adorable.  There were two small closets on either end of the room, perfectly sized for two little ones. May 2012 639 May 2012 641 May 2012 640 I was ga-ga over these little chunky wood paintings and am going to have two have my talented artist bestie Angie make me something similar for somewhere in my house!  (Add that to my ever growing list, Ang.) May 2012 643 Back on the main level, we exited the house through the mudroom to the back yard.  It too was a very functional space (there were stacked laundry machines in the cabinets!) done just a little too contemporary for my style. May 2012 647 May 2012 646 And, looking back onto the house I admitted to Honey that, while it wasn’t exactly what I’d choose, I’d be as happy as a clam to win it! May 2012 650 So that wraps up our Serenbe get away.  Fingers crossed we don’t wait five years to do it again :-) xoxo   PS. Y’all let me know if you know where I can get me a pair of those wing chairs!!!

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10 thoughts on “HGTV Green Home at Serenbe

  1. Oh My Gosh- What a gorgeous place! Love the concrete counters with all the shells,etc. embedded in it. I am not crazy about the nail studded walls though…but everything else is a GO~ xo Diana

  2. Were those clear boxes holding wood in the relaxing room acrylic/plexiglass? I have been looking for one for years to store our grandmother's handmade rag rugs. Suzi [email protected]

  3. I ran into your sister and mother yesterday at Target and instantly recognized them from your blog. We starting chatting and they told me I should leave a comment!!

    I have been reading for a few months and love your blog. Your attention to detail makes me feel right at home. I owned a gift business for about six years and now just sell vinyl monograms. We are in the Sope Creek district so I am sure we will cross paths sooner or later.

    xoxo mpm

  4. How great that you got to take a tour of the green home in person! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! BTW – I just saw your guest room featured at DIY by Design. Congrats!

  5. mpm – Mother and Sister were positively wild to tell me that they met you!!! I love that you recognized them and that you took the time to leave a note :-) Have a great summer!!! Amanda

  6. Anonymous – YOU'RE RIGHT! THANK YOU!! I don't know how I missed them when I went searching. But eek they are quite pricey. Guess I'd better hope I win the house :-) Thanks again!

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