Sweet & Simple Summer Countdown

Starting this week, the PCP is loving counting down the school days left until summer with m&m’s in his lunch box!
May 2012 032 copy
I used a sharpie to write on the bag and I just load it up each morning.  A sweet and simple way to mark the last few days of kindergarten.  *sniff sniff*

And if y’all’s end of year schedules are anything like mine, you’ll enjoy watching the days dwindle as well!

Flattered for the feature at It’s Overflowing!

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12 thoughts on “Sweet & Simple Summer Countdown

  1. My kids would love that! Very cute idea! I am sad about kindergarten ending too. We still have another month or so of school left but today was my last day of volunteering for "centers" in my little one's class. I felt so sad afterwards. This year just blew by!

  2. What a fun and tasty way to count down those last few days of school!


  3. Where did you get the pink m and ms? I could really use some for a baby shower next weekend. Thanks!
    This is a wonderful idea!

  4. Alyssa – I bought the bag at valentine's day to pick out the red and white ones but now I can't remember WHY I was going to pick out the red and white ones so I'm just using them to count down with :-)

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