Ten Years

Ten years ago today I had the great fortune of exchanging “I Dos” with the most charming, handsomest, smartest, kindest man in the world.  We married in a full Catholic mass at Savannah’s Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on a rainy spring day.

Wedding 043Since then I’ve come to learn that not only is he an attentive and devoted husband, but he’s also the most patient, caring and loving daddy to our two littles.  He gives every second of his time away from work to his family.

1Year 015 copy 1Year 019 copy The last ten years must have been the best of my life.  I relish the years we’ve had thus far and look forward to forever with this man by my side.
1Year 022 copy 1Year 038 copy Wedding 034 copyHappy anniversary, Honey.  I love you with all my heart.

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